• Anne-Louise and her alter ego Aunt Lena will make your event a hit!
Do you or your employees ever feel overburdened, anxious, or stressed?
Ever feel overwhelmed and concerned about keeping up due to all the changes taking place?
Is your company hurting, especially during these challenging financial times?
If you answered yes to any of the above…
then Anne-Louise Sterry is the answer.

Anne Louise (along with Aunt Lena) has a proven method to get you and your employees motivated, connected, able to manage stress, and adapt to change in a more positive way.

And here’s why you should book Anne-Louise now!

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Breaking News
  • Anne-Louise has just recorded this ‘DEMO TRACK of her new song ‘If I Had Loved You More’ for someone to discover and make famous. Could that be you? You can purchase an MP3 download of this song for 99 Cents at Anne-Louise’s Shop Page.

    Coming soon! Anne-Louise’s new Audio Course, ‘Joy and the Bottom Line’ will be available from Avanoo.com, the upcoming source for exciting new self development ideas. Stay tuned!

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    …And Aunt Lena Tweets @annlouiseislena

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Connect With Anne-Louise
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    Phone: 503.720.6172

    Email: anne-louise@anne-louise.com
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Whatever you are planning Anne-Louise and Aunt Lena will add something special and memorable. Take a look at these videos and you’ll see what we mean! As Aunt Lena would say, “Gimme a call, Doll, we’ll discuss!”

Watch amazing Anne-Louise in action, click a video above to play.
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