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School Programs Why Anne-Louise? Anne Louise has twenty years or more experience connecting with school children of all ages and their teachers. She brings a contagious energy, joy and a zest for learning to every performance, workshop or assmebly program.  Bring her in for an hour, a day or a week and feel the difference that a little extra fun can make. It is almost magical.

That's How This Story Goes!

  Creating Compassionate Classrooms Creating caring and compassionate classrooms is an important challenge for teachers and administrators. Research in neuroscience supports the simple notion that students learn better when they feel safe and supported. Using carefully chosen songs and stories, her experience with the Don’t Laugh at Me program of Operation Respect, and her own inimitable style, Anne-Louise leads everyone on a journey of discovery into this timely subject. Her engaging combination of student discussions and teacher workshops lay the foundation for the important work of creating and supporting compassionate classrooms to help foster student achievement in your school. A Day with Anne-Louise An hour is just never enough for getting your fill of Anne Louise! Why not plan a day of small group assemblies, classroom workshops and a unique visit with her for your special-education kids. Let her bring the joy of singing and storytelling to your school with a carefully crafted set of programs allowing her to reach students on a personal level. A Day with Anne Louise can revolve around teaching your students how to improve their singing and storytelling skills or a specific theme of your choice. Just ask and Anne Louise would love to help! Custom Programs When time and budget do not allow a full day, Anne Louise still loves to bring her special brand of energizing good fun to your school. Custom assemblies allow your students to experience the joy and radiance that is Anne Louise. Using age specific materials, she prefers to custom build a program just for a visit with you but here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing and your imagination whirling about the possibilities: Lewis, Clark and Lena: Learn about the Lewis and Clark expedition through the eyes of Lena, a little Italian girl who journeys with the famous explorers. Based on the true story of Francesco (Francis) Vigo, who traveled with George Clark, Anne Louise brings history to life in this wonderful program. Students will be inspired to learn beyond the basic facts of history. So? Waddya gonna do?:  A hilarious and heartwarming selection of stories and songs from Anne-Louise’s native “country” of New Jersey. Centered on Anthony, the little Italian boy, Anne-Louise introduces the joys and hardships of immigrant culture in America. All students, whether first-generation, fifth-generation, or native, will see themselves in these stories. Designed specifically to foster a strong interest in history and a better understanding of the strength of our cultural diversity, Anne-Louise creates an unforgettable experience for any age. You tellin’ tales?:  Fish that make good cycling companions? Dogs that talk? Students love nonsensical and whimsical storytelling. Anne-Louise presents famous tall tales and gets budding storytellers thinking about what makes a good story as well as what it means to have a good imagination! Age specific songs and stories are chosen to appeal to each grade level. All of these programs help meet the National Education Standards for Arts, Literacy, and Core Subjects. In addition, Anne-Louise can provide supplemental classroom materials and post-performance workshops for certain programs to make her performance a seamless part of your curriculum.

Partner Bob Sterry joins Anne-Louise in a song about arguing by Bill Harley


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