Anne-Louise Sterry offers a variety of dynamic presentations about the importance of Audacious Joy in the workplace or inside any organization. Studies show that employees at all levels of the company make better business decisions when they are joyful and feeling empowered. Whether you need a keynote presenter for a conference or you are looking for an engaging motivational speaker to come to your business location, Anne-Louise Sterry is the perfect choice. She knows how to get to the heart of any organization and help everyone to feel more engaged, more connected, and more joyful. Here are several presentations to choose from, or contact Anne-Louise to create a customized program just for your group.
Rewiring the Brain for Audacious Joy in the Workplace:
Would your business benefit from more employee engagement resulting in a more creative and highly motivated staff? Would teams with less absenteeism, reduced stress, and communication that works improve morale? And what about better employee retention? Yes, of course! All of these things would help your organization. Internationally-known motivational speaker, humorist, and presentation coach, Anne-Louise Sterry uses the most current brain research, the persona of her alter ego Aunt Lena*, in addition to her own inimitable style to move your employees and managers to make immediate and enduring positive changes benefiting themselves and the company. She is able to share these tools in an entertaining way that will have you and your employees astonished at the change they bring. Caution: Audacious joy is contagious! Click here to start your rewiring project
Saving the Bottom Line in Troubled Times:
We hear it every time we turn around. Times are tough. The economy is terrible. And more and more people are becoming depressed and defeated. But, it is a proven fact that people make better decisions when they feel good, when they’re happy, when they’re joyful. That means more employee engagement. With a background in psychology, nursing and education, internationally-known presenter Anne-Louise Sterry is an exceptional motivational speaker that will have your employees howling with pleasure. Joined with her alter ego, Aunt Lena, they will show how rewiring the brain for joy helps employees be self-accountable, able to consistently perform better, have better communication skills, are more productive, and can deal with change better. As Aunt Lena sez, “Audacious Joy for higher profits, dolls!” Click here to help The Bottom Line!
You’re in Charge:
Or as Aunt Lena* Sez “You Gotta Make Your Own Gravy”. Internationally-known motivational speaker, humorist, and presentation coach, Anne-Louise Sterry knows how to capture her audience. As she speaks to your company, the themes of living kindness, embracing personal responsibility, and the power of changing your story are woven throughout her presentation. You have more power to influence yourself and those around you than you think! Or, as her alter ego Aunt Lena* would say, “It’s all about da stories youse are telling yerself!” Anne-Louise brings a background in psychology and the most current brain research to inspire your group into action by actually helping to rewire the brain. They will leave genuinely moved to make immediate and enduring positive changes benefiting themselves, their families, and their co-workers. Click here to Get Your Gravy Bubbling!
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